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I paint stories 

"All his works are rough and free but with the sort of colours that you otherwise only see in fruit bowls or the land itself"       
                                                              - Martin Flanagan, The Age

My Story

My Story

The lay of the land

After one look at his work, Wayne Elliott’s story comes as no surprise.
Growing up amongst Victoria’s vast Western Plains, Wayne was surrounded by rolling plains and farmlands that extended well beyond what the eye could see. But Wayne always sought to see what was beyond that. 

As a kid,
 he’d climb nearby Mt Elephant, or sit atop the sky-scraping silos of The Mallee, to find exactly what he was looking for: more. More to see, more of a story to tell, more of a context to his own existence.

From then on Wayne has evolved into an acclaimed artist. Telling captivating stories through his colourful interpretation of landscapes. Vast and varied, from cities to stadiums. His self-taught, unique, ‘outsider’ style has given his art a rare and raw edge, that has been celebrated at exhibitions around the world, from New York and Montreal to London and Berlin.



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Wayne Elliott

Victoria, Australia.



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